Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Sunday

I love the Sunday before Christmas. You get to dress up in your Christmas best and then go listen about the true meaning of Christmas.

Kenna and our "reindeer".

Kenna and her crazy, excited face.

The Family

Little Random Pieces

Just a little Kenna update. She loves preschool. It is just a bunch of 2year olds that have speech and development issues just like her. She is learning great social skills and they work on speech and devopment stuff as well. She has a little friend in class who calls her KaKa. It is so cute. Here is the stuff we are working on.
Eating with a spoon and fork
Drinking from a cup
Stacking blocks
Doing puzzles
Practicing our animals sounds (we have Moo, it comes out MMM)
Lots of word repitition
Lots of work but she is getting it.

She is getting pretty good with a spoon. It helps when you love pudding.

She is really into dressing herself. Even if she is already dressed

She is having a popsicle for breakfast. Thanks daddy.

We attempted sledding and she hated every minute of it. We had fun.

Loves to take showers and use the squeegy on the glass. Too funny.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Gobble Gobble, Talk Talk

We had Thanksgiving dinner with my family at my house this year. It turned out great. The food was great and so was the company (except for kevi-poo who had the flu). Kenna was good and wasnt shy. She just walked around and did this fake laugh at everyone. It was quite entertaining.

**In Kenna news, she has qualified for speech and occupational therapy with Jordan School district. We are really excited to get to work. She sees both a Speech Path. and a Occupational Therapist once a month and will be attending a toddler class once a week. We are looking forward to opening more doors of communication with our little monster. No more pointing and grunting (makes me crazy). I will keep you all updated on our progress. Wish us luck. **

Monday, November 10, 2008

Workin' Woman

I recently got a job working at Target. I work the early shift (4am-8am) unloading trucks and stocking shelves. Suprisingly I really enjoy it, and the 10% discount doesn't hurt my opinion of it either.Time goes by quickly and I get to see all the new stuff come in. It also allows me to be home with Kenna during the day. Hopefully I can get used to getting up so early.

Playground Bullies and Big Girl Shoes.

So last week this little bully at the playground bit Kenna in the back. It was so sad, but she was brave and hardly cried.

If you don't already know Kenna LOVES shoes. She is a girl after my own heart. She loves wearing mommy and daddy's shoes and it is one of her favorite signs to do. I love her.

Halloween in St. George

We decided last minute, to spent Halloween in St. George. It was fun to have Kenna trick or treat with her cousins. Thanks Tim and Jamie for letting us crash your place.

My cute "lil' stinker" skunk. She got a little hot. We weren't expecting weather in the 70's and 80's.

My cute nephew Micah. This kid never sleeps.

Decorating Halloween cookies/ eating frosting.

How's this for my trick or treat bag mom.

Big girl holding her baby cousin.
Taya and Haylee's School Parade

Boo at the Zoo!

Went trick or treating at the Zoo along with over 23,000 (seriously) crazy people all dressed up. We didn't wait in any lines for candy, so we just weaved through the crowd and saw the animals. I love the Zoo, even when its crazy like that.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Change of Plans

Ok, so we decided to buy instead of build. So as of Saturday we are now residents of Daybreak. And here is a tour of the new pad.

*Warning: I did not clean up before taking these pictures and I still have a few more decorations need to be hung**

Casa del short

Master. We have our own closets. sweet!

Laundry, with my house warming gifts.

guest/ future nursery (not the near future)

Kenna room and bathroom. she is messy


Basement toyroom

Basement Family room



Living room.
We really like it here, and hopefully we can stay in one house longer than 2 years.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The next couple of posts of our family trip up North. Enjoy.

The views from the boat were beautiful. I kept looking for whales and only managed to see a few dolphins and a couple of jellyfish.

Kenna met a little Aisan boy who kept trying to get her to laugh, but she only stared at him.

There wasn't much to Nanaimo. It is a logging town on Vancouver Island. The only cool thing was this park. You can't see, but it is huge.


We spent two days in Seattle on each end of the cruise. I really love Seattle. I could live there.

We visited Pike's Place Market, where I ate the most delicious apple I have ever tasted. We had some awesome Seafood and saw some pretty strange people.

We visited the pier and enjoyed the sunshine and watching the ferries come and go.

While the boys went to a baseball game, the girls enjoyed the Aquarium and the Nordstrom Rack.

Kenna is petting Starfish and Sea Urchins