Sunday, January 25, 2009

Roller Derby Baby!

I finally made a friend! Yay for me. Had a killer time at Hollywood Connection with the super cool West Family.

The Sexy Dads and cutey Girls

I know. I am a cheezer.

Two Hot girls checkin' out the scene.

I look so Asian in this picture. Haroh America!
*Special Thanks To Stephanie for the photos*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pretty Blogging

After spending way too much time "blog stalking" the blogs on my list (and a few that aren't), I came to the realization that mine is Super Ghetto. There are so many blogs that are works of art, with fancy schmancy layouts, beautifully scripted verse, and extremely talented photography. To those of you who have the time and talent for that I say "kudos". I am just not that creative. So, to the few Shortyfam fans out there enjoying the ghetto-ness of my blog, thank you for the dedication. It may change colors, but it will not get better.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New hiding place

It was too quiet so I was investigating the silence and this is what I found. What a stinker.


This was our second year at Zoolights and it was just as butt-freakin' cold as last year. I don't know why I keep telling myself it will be better this time.

Bring on the Snow

We have the best sledding hills, so all the fam came out here to join in the fun.

Little "frozen" ones.

So, the tarp fell as I was taking the picture and it caught Kenna's eye in the hole. Couldn't do that again if I tried.

The snow outside our garage.


Yes, Santa made it to the Short house this year, and this is a little of what we got.

Kenna got a scooter. And apparently you have to be sexy to ride it.

Daddy got "Fletch" and Fletch Lives"

Mommy and Daddy got Kenna a wailin' guitar.

Stocking Stuff.

I love these two people.

Christmas Eve

The holidays started with madness and ended with madness. Christmas eve started at Nana's and visiting cousins.


Converstation with Ky's
K: "Che', you're silly"
Me: "No way, you're silly"
K:"Uh huh Girlfriend"
Honestly you are only 3 1/2

Kenna's buddy Raegan. A year younger but the same size.

Post bath in the new jammies

Getting into to ALL of Nana's Christmas Decorations

Playing with cousins

More Christmas Jammies

Then it was home and off to bed, so Santa would come.