Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am tired from my vacation.

We just got back from a fun-filled yet exhausting trip to California.

We even wore out the beast.

Hmmm. Not sure what this sign is trying to say.

Universal Studios

Go Dodgers. These fans go nuts over Manny.

Yay! Seaworld! Waiting for Shamu

Hiding in a Polar Bear Cave. Yes, I really am that greasy. I need dry heat.

Sesame at Seaworld

Lots of fun at the Beach.
Maybe a little to much fun.

Kenna took a little convincing that sand won't kill you, and it washes off.

Boogie Boarding with dad.

running from waves

The Wrights. Sweet Booties.

My California Girl.

More convincing. Waves are fun.

Kenna and I had our first trip to Knott's Berry Farm.
Here are a few of the wicked rides in Camp Snoopy.

Waiting for the coaster to start.

This thing beats you to death. Kenna lifted off her seat a few times. I was not prepared.

We went on these cars four times. They were the favorite.

The Verdict:
Beach= Good
Universal=Not little kid friendly
Knotts= Old, but fun.


Here is a little bit of what has been going on since summer has started:

Kenna started pre-school,

and she rides the bus

Lagoon Day!

All she wanted to do was hold Anna's hand.

She idolizes Haylee.

Loves anything "roller coaster"

Baseball and Fireworks!

Zac has gotten Kenna into sports lately. Everything is Baabaa (Baseball)

Went to St. George to stay with Jen. This is how kenna rode. No, I did not cross her legs. she did.

Riding on the "turdit"

Snacks and Swimming. Good times.