Monday, November 10, 2008

Workin' Woman

I recently got a job working at Target. I work the early shift (4am-8am) unloading trucks and stocking shelves. Suprisingly I really enjoy it, and the 10% discount doesn't hurt my opinion of it either.Time goes by quickly and I get to see all the new stuff come in. It also allows me to be home with Kenna during the day. Hopefully I can get used to getting up so early.

Playground Bullies and Big Girl Shoes.

So last week this little bully at the playground bit Kenna in the back. It was so sad, but she was brave and hardly cried.

If you don't already know Kenna LOVES shoes. She is a girl after my own heart. She loves wearing mommy and daddy's shoes and it is one of her favorite signs to do. I love her.

Halloween in St. George

We decided last minute, to spent Halloween in St. George. It was fun to have Kenna trick or treat with her cousins. Thanks Tim and Jamie for letting us crash your place.

My cute "lil' stinker" skunk. She got a little hot. We weren't expecting weather in the 70's and 80's.

My cute nephew Micah. This kid never sleeps.

Decorating Halloween cookies/ eating frosting.

How's this for my trick or treat bag mom.

Big girl holding her baby cousin.
Taya and Haylee's School Parade

Boo at the Zoo!

Went trick or treating at the Zoo along with over 23,000 (seriously) crazy people all dressed up. We didn't wait in any lines for candy, so we just weaved through the crowd and saw the animals. I love the Zoo, even when its crazy like that.