Sunday, July 20, 2008

Boating Day.

I just love summer. We are not winter people so we take every opportunity we have in summer to do what we love. We have done alot of boating with our boating buddies the Wrights.

Zac catching some wicked air on the wakeboard.

Mommy and Kenna on the very flat tube.

I told Zac the he need to try wakeboarding with Kenna. What do you know, she loved it.
This is how he held her while getting up.

Then he slid her down to the board, and she just held on to his legs.

She is my total water baby.

Waterfall Family Night

We went on a fun little hike with a few families from our Neighborhood. It was a pretty walk and good company. Thanks for the invite Nikki.

Ogden Dino Park

We have been taking weekly "field trips" with the Kodner Boys. We really enjoyed the Dino Park. I think I want to go back up there. It was fun.

These Dinos moved and made noises.

Taking a rest.

Cute Girl.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hello Ladies!

I love when Staci is in town. She always makes sure we all get to see eachother. She is the woman. We chowed at the Spaghetti Factory and it was delish.

Then we stopped by PB Kids to check it out, and found these rad Moustache's. I don't think the store lady taking the pic, thought we were as funny as we did. Oh, man we are hot.