Saturday, August 28, 2010

Welcome to our world baby!

Little Elliot Anh, is finally here! She was born on August 26 and came in at a hefty 6lbs 3oz, 19.5 inches long. Kenna is so excited to be a big sister, and she is adjusting very well. She can't hold back all the hugs and kisses and is such a good helper.

Here are a few pictures of our new little family.

Kenna started school and is loving it. Isn't my girl gorgeous!

I thought we ordered the large binky.

What a pretty girl and those beautiful eyes.

Grandma and the girls. Thanks, mom, for all you did for us.

Catching a few waking moments of a newborn.

Awesome big sister.

On her birthday, still a little squished.

Daddy loves his girl.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

What have we been doing? Hmmm...

We have had quite the busy summer with lots going on. Here are a few pictures and videos to clue you in on the madness. They are in no particular order.


What is summer without a pool? Big ones, little ones, and slip n slides included

We have had lots of cousin time this summer, our Texas cousins met us in Phoenix and came back to Utah for over a month. Good times.

Dress ups

Pile on Papa

Dave and Busters


Spending some last fun moments with Aeden before he left.

Unsolicited kisses

Tight squeezes

What cute people I know

Practicing for Sister.

This year Kenna has learn how to pedal a bike. Now we can't get her off the thing.
This kiddie pool, is the best $10 I've ever spent. I am thinking of putting it in the basement during the winter. Don't judge me.

Summer honorable mentions: Phoenix, Baseball games, fireworks, Claire, popsicles, Bear Lake, and growing a baby. All items I missed taking pictures of.