Thursday, May 29, 2008

One Night in Willard

Spent one night at Willard Bay with the Wrights. We couldn't have picked a worse night. We spent most of the day in the trailer because of the rain. It was still fun playing card games, eating and just talking.

A short walk on the beach.

The looming clouds.

the mommies and babies.

Birthday Madness

Kenna is finally two. She had a ragin' Blue's Clue's Birthday party in our basement. We had a bounce house ( thanks Mo), and lots of friends. I made birthday cookies instead of a cake. Thanks to all the friends who came.

She finally got a Blue's Clue's toy. Thanks Grandma!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lazy Logan weekend

We had a blast last weekend with the Wrights, in Logan. It was a good time just hanging around. I love vacations like that. Here are a few pics.

Me and Kenna by the river. I put this in to prove that I actually exist. Zac never takes my picture so I rarely appear on the blog. So here is a picture of the back of my head for you all.

You might say, "Aw, cute. They let kenna feed herself." But no, that wouldn't be true. This is the result of Daddy being in charge of feeding while carrying on a conversation. Lovely.

Kenna and daddy enjoying the sun.

Taking a much needed nap.

Taking a break during our walk. It got really hot out there.

Kenna loved the water, even though it was Freezing!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The not so newly finished basement

Apparently I forgot to post my husbands mad skills in basement finishing. So this one is for you Zac.

The amazingly spacious toyroom. Enough room to ride bikes in the winter time.

The Basement bathroom that is now alot nicer than the Master bath.
Nicer cabinets, better flooring,

Cooler sink,

Bigger and better shower.

Maybe we could move our bedroom downstairs. Is that weird?


I spent last Saturday morning perfecting my domestic skills. I made freezer jam for the first time. Thanks Jess for sharing your wisdom and your kitchen. I had a lot of fun and made quite a bit of jam. Delicious.

The stawberries awaiting their impending death.

Soooo much stirring.

I think I will have one buff arm and one wimpy one (or just two wimpy ones)

Jess the Jam Master.

House Training.

No we didn't get another puppy. But I never thought I would have to house train a two year old. Kenna finds it entertaining to pee on the carpet right after her bath. At first I thought it was an accident, but after the third time, in the same spot, I realized she was doing it on purpose. What am I supposed to do? Rub her nose in it? I guess we have to be a little quicker about the diaper.

Busy as a Bumble Bee!

Kenna is soooo busy. She is into everything. She likes to stand on her stool and turn the bathroom light on and off.

And as I was doing dishes, it got a little too quiet. This is where I found the little monster. What a stinker.

Enjoying the Sunshine

I love sunny days. I guess that is where my little girl gets it. She just wanted to spend all day sitting in her wagon, enjoying the weather.

Kenna's first time holding a real baby. Thanks Bridger (and Jess)